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We provide access to Global Leading Storage Solutions by integrating energy management technology with domestic & international market resources.

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Supporting a sustainable future through the power of affordable renewable energy.

Chelion Australia is committed to advancing the future of renewable energy by empowering our customers with quality solar and storage solutions. 

Our team has decades of energy experience and is committed to being your leading energy storage solutions provider.


We are Chelion Australia

Chelion Australia are experts in the engineering, design and integration of Energy Storage solutions for residential, commercial and utility applications. 

Our services and products enable the full utilisation of renewable energy and the optimal functioning of power systems. 

We support your projects economically through electricity cost-saving and by providing emergency backup during grid outages. 

Chelion Australia is located in Central Brisbane, Queensland, and we are active across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The Chelion Renewables Group is headquartered in Shanghai and provides its Battery solutions across the Asia Pacific, which has so far been one of the top energy storage regions. 

We have offices in Europe, Australia, America, and Japan.

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Residential Solutions

iHome High Voltage Battery Series

The Chelion Australia iHome Series intelligently stores surplus power generated by your solar system during the day so that homeowners can benefit from stored clean power when needed most.

C&I Solutions

Commercial buildings with high power loads can maximise their energy independence and reduce grid demand with solar PV and battery storage. 

Utility-Scale Energy Storage Solutions

Chelion Australia delivers energy storage solutions for Utility-Scale project owners, developers & EPC contractors.

EV Charging Solutions

Chelion Australia delivers high quality charging stations for both residential and commercial applications to ensure safety, security, and longevity.

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