We are very proud to announce with you some exciting news from Chelion: our Matrix CAIO battery storage cabinet, more specifically the unique rack-style mounted PCS has recently been approved by the Clean Energy Council (CEC)!

This approval means that the Matrix CAIO cabinet meets the highest standards for quality, reliability, and safety in Australia. As a result, it is now one of the most advanced solar energy storage solutions available on the market today.

Our first installation is set for next month in NSW! 

Take a look inside

With the Matrix CAIO, you can provide your clients with a sustainable and cost-effective solution for storing, grid forming, and distributing solar energy. The cabinet features an intelligent energy management system, fireproofing, HVAC temperature regulation and the option of selecting between a number of customisable options such as PCS size, solar connectivity and back up for all on or off-grid scenerios. 

Matrix image-1
Click on the cabinet to check under the hood!

Residential CEC Submitted

Our residential low and high voltage range of All-In-One inverter and battery storage range has just been submitted to the CEC and currently awaiting approval. We have been given a month completion time so if you would like to talk to us now about ordering or would like more info. 

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