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Our team is here to support you or your organisation with leading energy solutions. 

At Chelion, we work with residential, commercial, industrial & utility clients and offer a comprehensive suite of services to assist you in making the switch to sustainable energy. 


[Shanghai Chelion Renewable Technology Co., Ltd.] (“Chelion”) gives the limited standard Warranty Terms (the“Warranty”) and Extended Warranty (“Extended Warranty”) for Chelion’s specific Products.
Chelion’s Warranties are only provided to the original purchaser of the Battery (Purchaser), where the purchaser is a distributor, solar retailer or Clean Energy Council accredited electrician (Installer), who on-supplies the Battery to another party, to that other-party (End-User). Chelion’s Standard Warranties are not otherwise transferable.
If a fault occurs, the End-User should first reach out to the Installer from whom they purchased the Chelion product for initial troubleshooting and, if needed, contact Chelion. In case there is reason to suspect a product fault, Chelion will request the submission of a warranty claim along with an explanation of the issues. To initiate the warranty claim process, either the End-User or the Installer can adhere to the following procedures. The  claim form could be download via warranty claim form.
Chelion offers a service rebate to installers for replacing a product that falls within our warranty terms, has been returned to Chelion, and is determined to be defective in terms of workmanship or materials following a comprehensive evaluation and inspection by our team. 



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iHome-High Voltage Series

iHome-Low Voltage Series

The Chelion iHome-INV-L1H02 Series - Single Phase Hybrid Inverter
The Chelion Low Voltage Battery iHome-B-L01 Series

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