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Unveiling the Matrix CAIO

Chelion Australia’s All-In-One Commercial Battery Cabinet

Commercial Battery

Chelion Australia are excited to announce that the integrated components of the Matrix CAIO All-In-One Commercial Battery Cabinet have been granted Clean Energy Council (CEC) approval for sale in Australia.

The CAIO reimagines the landscape of renewable energy deployment for commercial power users with its high roundtrip efficiency (~95%) and flexible, modular design.

Revolutionising Renewable Energy Storage
The Matrix CAIO heralds a new era in renewable energy storage. Designed to cut installation costs, this innovative all-in-one Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery cabinet can be rapidly deployed on an external concrete slab due to its ruggedised IP65-rated design.

The true innovation of the CAIO comes from its modular rack system, which can accommodate 90kW of Bi-directional AC-DC Inverter Capacity, or up to 120kW of DC-DC PV inversion, or a combination of PCS, PV, and Static Transfer Switch (STS) for a truly hybrid system.

The CAIO can also be strung in parallel, with an external Power Conversion System (PCS) for customers requiring up to 452kWh of storage.
The streamlined, all-in-one design optimises space utilisation, and its LFP cells have many advantages over other types of batteries (such as superior safety, higher energy density, lower cost, and longer cycle life).

“By generating and storing their own clean energy with Chelion’s commercial battery systems, commercial customers will soon enjoy greater energy independence.” – Craig Nalder, CEO, Chelion Australia


CEC Approval: A Testament to Quality
This prestigious certification underscores the product’s exceptional quality, reliability, and adherence to industry benchmarks.
With the Matrix CAIO, our customers can invest in a renewable energy solution that aligns with the highest standards of Australian excellence.
Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

As a part of The Chelion Renewables Group, a global leader in the renewable energy sector, Chelion Australia are dedicated to spearheading the transition to a sustainable future.

The Matrix CAIO empowers businesses and communities to embrace renewable energy sources, effectively reducing their Operational Expenses (OPEX), reducing carbon footprint, and fostering environmental responsibility.

The CAIO offers high performance, long lifespan, safety, and scalability for various applications. These include peak shaving and load shifting (for large commercial businesses), ‘micro-gridding’ for community battery applications, contingency frequency control (FCAS) services, and backup power in the event of grid failure.
As we introduce the Matrix CAIO, we take a significant stride towards a cleaner and more resilient future.

Customer-Centric Innovation
Chelion Australia’s commitment to delivering customer experiences is at the heart of the Matrix CAIO. Our dedicated onshore team of experts is readily available to provide tailored support and guidance, ensuring a seamless integration of renewable energy into your operations.

“We are excited to introduce our new commercial battery storage solutions to the Australian market and beyond,” said Craig Nalder, CEO of Chelion Australia. 

Commercial customers will soon enjoy greater energy independence with Chelion Australia’s battery systems. These systems enable business owners to store excess solar energy during the day for use during peak hours or during power outages, ensuring emergency power supply and reduced reliance on the grid”.


About Chelion Australia
Based in Brisbane CBD, Chelion Australia is a pioneering force in sustainable energy solutions, driving innovation and promoting environmental consciousness.
With a firm commitment to excellence and a focus on responsibly sourced, eco-friendly technology, Chelion Australia continues to set new benchmarks in the pursuit of a cleaner and greener world.